Upcoming Guest Teachers

Rigdzin Tingkhye

Living in the United States over the past twenty-five years, Rigdzin sustains his love of philosophy and everyday mindfulness through his work as a language teacher, business owner, and interpreter for distinguished lamas, astrologers and political activists.  A loving family man, he has a rich understanding of the worlds of east and west, having devoted himself intellectually and materially to bringing together and practicing the wisdoms of both.
Rigdzin is known and appreciated for a compassionate manner of speaking that is full of humor, frankness, and humility, and whose exceptional wit brings clarity and delight to his commentaries.  He follows in the path of his ancestors, yogis of Tashi Chopel monastery in Tingkhye, Tibet (founded in 1385).

Siri Om

Is a Certified Level II Kundalini Instructor, and also trained in Art Therapy. She has many years of experience in gently guiding individuals and groups to being more fully connected to their Creative Flow of divine wisdom to support them in living their lives more deeply and with more Awareness.


The Radiant Possibilities of Mindfulness: An evening of discussion and storytelling with Rigdzin Tingkhye
The aim of mindfulness is to build harmonious relations with our inner and outer worlds.  Mindfulness is to be in the present moment, to be at ease and at peace with oneself.  When our mind is disturbed, so will our body, speech and activities be distorted.  Practicing mindfulness means to step into a primordial space that is always already there.  It does not require any additional struggle or enhancement, nor does anything need to be taken away.
This practice is different from the everyday meanings and traits we might associate it with, such as skillful manipulation of the truth, over-attentiveness to detail, or an insatiable urge for knowledge.  This is not the kind of mindfulness we are interested in.  Instead, we are seeking genuine peace within ourselves; a kind of effortless love and compassion that infuses our own being as well as radiates to all living beings.  Like the sun which is always shining but whose rays are only visible to us when the clouds subside, we too have the ability to recognize the already present primordial nature of our minds.  And just like the penetration of the sun’s heat, whose warmth naturally causes all forms of life to grow and thrive, the understanding of our own minds leads to true qualities of equanimity – selflessness, dignity, and fearlessness.


Deepen Your Self-Inquiry with Art and Yoga

“Where there is a known, there is an unknown. If you only relate to the known, you deny the Unknown. Relate to the known, which is you, and search out the Unknown, which is prayer. When you are in tune with the Unknown, the known is very peaceful.” – Yogi Bhajan

Art and Yoga is a powerful combination to help us reach even deeper places of Self-inquiry. Both are artistic and scientific forms of understanding Self more deeply and connecting with Source Energy. The combination is very powerful, inspiring, and deeply meditative.

The workshop includes a Kundalini yoga kriya and meditation. Following a deep relaxation, we will move into exploring the art materials and expressing ourselves creatively with journaling and image making.
This is especially open to “non-artists” because we reveal deeper levels of our Self when we are willing to embrace uncertainty. You will be gently guided through the process of using art materials to express whatever is ready to be revealed from your deeper self.  There is no judgment made on whatever you decide to create, but every image is valued and respected as a unique expression of your Divinity within. This workshop is appropriate for anyone and all levels.

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